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Made By a Dog-Lover, for Dog Lovers

My name is Mike I’m the creator of the HANDSFREE DOG HARNESS System along with my nephew Dawson and our dogs Shift, Kota and Maggie Mae.

Why Did I Create the Handsfree Dog Harness System???


Not long ago, I moved to Florida from Wisconsin and in Wisconsin you don’t have any alligators roaming about. That’s why I created the harness. I wanted to be able to run and bike with my dogs on the off road trails of Alafia, Santos and Carlton Reserve without the worry of my beloved dogs getting caught or "eaten" by an alligator.  The Handsfree Dog Harness System allows me to ride my mountain bike, beach cruiser, skateboard, fish, hike etc. hands free.


I created the most comfortable ultimate human harness with the best available products to provide lifetime unconditional warranty and they are MADE in the USA.

When I put the Handsfree Dog Harness System on, my dogs come alive! They know we are going to go somewhere! Just being able to pet your dog(s) while harnessed with both hands makes the Handsfree Dog Harness System worth it. You no longer have to hold onto your leash.


Please get out handsfree or not and walk or play with your dog ;) turn the TV off ! Be the leader of the pack with the HDH!

What can you do HANDSFREE?

Also please see our exceptional line of quality custom dog leashes.

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