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A revolutionary harness system that allows you to train and control any dog while walking, biking or running that eliminates the need for traditional leashes!

What Can You Do Handsfree???


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Imagine a human harness that allows you to have superior control of your pet while keeping your hands free to do other things? 

Now, it's a reality! With the all-new Handsfree Dog Harness, you can control your pet while walking, riding a bike or jogging without having to use your hands! Oh, and it's so easy and so stable, that people of all sizes can use it!!!

Finally... You can have the freedom to multi-task while spending time with man's best friend in the convenience of wherever you want to go!

"Designed for ease of use, durability and affordability"

Train Faster & Almost Effortlessly

Make leash-training your dog easier and faster with the new Handsfree Dog Harness System and start enjoying the benefits of having a well-trained pet who walks "with" you rather than dragging you along for the ride!

Order yours today!


We've combined durable, tactical-grade nylon-webbing with industry standard "one-click" fasteners to make the Handsfree Dog Harness System incredibly easy to use! Simple adjustment straps provide a comfortable fit for all body-types for males and females. The Handsfree Dog Harness System is also suitable for use by the physically handicapped, providing unparalleled manageability.


Automotive-grade nylon web and Mil-Spec fasteners ensure that your Handsfree Dog Harness will last for many years; no matter how much you use it!

The Handsfree Dog Harness System has been extensively field-tested for durability, ease of use and security to make sure that you can trust your harness perform reliably year after year!


The best feature about the Handsfree Dog Harness System is that it's AFFORDABLE! Priced at just $99.99, it fits into almost any budget for home users as well as for pet-care professionals and veterinarians!


Feature for feature, you will not find a better engineered or better-built pet control system anywhere!  Handsfree Dog Harness has it all! 

... So what are you waiting for???

Proudly Made
In The U.S.A.
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